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Eligible child/children

Subject to the various provisos listed below, eligible children are your own legitimate children, adopted children, and certain other children who depend on you financially. They must normally be under 17, but can be older if since before age 17 they have been in full time education or in full-time training for a trade, profession or vocation, although if their pension came into payment after 5 April 2006 their pension must cease by age 23 (unless, in the case of an eligible child of a pensioner under the LGPS in Scotland whose pension was in payment on 5 April 2006, the child was born before 6 April 2007). In some cases, it can even cover adult children with disabilities, if the disability arose before age 17 or whilst still in full-time education or training. In all cases, the children must have been born before or within a year of your death.

If you left the LGPS before 1 April 1998: an eligible child must be a child of a marriage which took place before you left, who was born within a year of the date you left, or who was adopted by you before you left, or who was dependent on you financially both before you left and at the date of your death and is your step-child, illegitimate child, an adopted child of your spouse (providing the marriage took place before you left) or a child accepted by you as a member of your family.

If you were an employee in England and Wales and left after 31 March 2008: eligible children are your children. They must, at the date of your death, be under 18 and be wholly or mainly dependant on you. Or they must be aged 18 or over and under 23, be dependent on you, and be in full time education or undertaking vocational training (although a dependant child who commences full time education or vocational training after the date of your death may be treated as an eligible child up to age 23). In some cases, a dependent child of any age who is disabled may be classed as an eligible child. In all cases, the children must have been born before or within a year of your death.